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Edwin Leal - Owner

Florida Public Insurance Adjuster State Lic. #A151562

  • Owner of Claims Assist FL, LLC since 2004-Current
  • Professional Loss Consultant
  • Specializing in Policy, Estimating & Insurance Appraising
  • 2-20 Florida General Lines Agent License 1995-99
  • 6-20 All-Lines Adjuster License 1996-99
  • 5-20 All-Lines Independent Adjuster License 1999-04
  • 3-20 All-Lines Public Adjuster License 2004-Current
  • FAPIA Board of Directors - Board Member 2015-Current

I am dedicated to working on behalf of you, the home or business owner, to protect your interests in the event of a loss. Let my experience in claims handling navigate the often-complicated world of insurance polIcies. WE DO NOT WORK FOR INSURANCE COMPANIES! WE ONLY WORK FOR YOU! By utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, we analyze your coverage and assess your damages. I then present the findings to your insurance company in order to provide a settlement that fairly covers your loss and facilitates your repair efforts. 

Why hire a public adjuster


When a Home or Commercial property are lost to fire, hurricane, water or other incidents, the process of steering insurance claims and recovering may be difficult and emotionally draining. Moreover, without the expertise in properly filing a claim, consumers often are at an extreme disadvantage. 

· The primary reason a Public Adjuster is hired is to help the policyholder fully recover from their insurance company, for all covered damages sustained in the event of a loss.

· Public Adjusters inspect all areas to demonstrate the entire impact of the loss-producing event. 

· Public Adjusters will typically be more complete in their damage analysis than their insurance company counterparts and because they do not receive any fees until policyholders receive their claims reimbursement. 

· Public Adjusters share a similar interest with the policyholder in achieving the most accurate comprehensive claim payment possible, and in an expedited manner that results in payments to policyholders.

After Disaster Strikes The Public Adjuster


  • ​ Provides immediate claims handling assistance to the      insured.
  • Provides immediate direction as to what to do and   what happens next.
  • Helps the policyholder fulfill all obligations      placed upon them by the insurance policy conditions entitled, “Duties in      the Event of Loss”.
  • Provides direction concerning reasonable and necessary mitigation efforts.
  • Provides direction to preserve evidence , photos  and video of the scene to capture much of the damage moments after the loss.
  • Suggests the preservation of valuables that are in the structure.
  • Prevents the wasteful spending of unreasonable      mitigation money.
  • Provides direction as to new temporary living      arrangements.
  • ​ Advises against the premature hiring of contractors      until damages, job specifications, and cost of the job, are known, agreed      to, and paid for by the carrier.

About Us

Claims Assist works off a contingency fee agreement. Meaning we ask for NOTHING up front. You owe us ONLY if we secure a settlement or a settlement greater on your behalf. Claims we specialize in:

  • Hurricane
  • Windstorm
  • Hail
  • Water Damage
  • Fire
  • Roof Damage
  • Burst Pipes
  • Vibration
  • Smoke Damage
  • Lightning
  • Vandalism
  • Flooding

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